Pakoštane is a small Dalmatian place situated on a unique location, a narrow strip of land between the Adriatic sea and Vrana Lake, which makes it especially charming. Therefore, it borders sea on one side and lake on the other. The lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Croatia, and it is also a Nature Park. In the past, Pakoštane was an agricultural and fishing village, but nowadays it has become tourist destination that is more and more popular each year, especially for a relaxed family vacation. Many beaches, clean sea and activities available in the village make it even more interesting. Pakoštane can also boast with excellent restaurant offer so its many taverns and restaurants have menu with dishes prepared with home-grown food and following traditional recipes. The vicinity of old Croatian towns of Zadar and Šibenik, as well as several National Parks and Nature Parks is a great opportunity for all Pakoštane visitors to spend an exciting and interesting vacation there. There are also many feasts and various events that are held in the village, not only during summer, but through the entire year as well.


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